Cumulus provides market information and consulting services for electromechanical components in the electronics industry.

Our timely and accurate market information or market metrics provide great assistance in managing and growing a business. Measurement is the first step in management. An example of this is gaining and understanding of how a company's growth and price position compare to the overall market. This knowledge provides direction for improvement and benchmarks to gauge progress.

We offer three publications: Switch Tracks and Relay Report, two quarterly reports with market information on component relays and switches; and Market Notes, a monthly report on sales, bookings, and business conditions in the relay and switch markets.

Cumulus' consulting services facilitate profitable growth for our clients with superior return on investment. Growth is realized through the development and implementation of strategic plans, short and long term business plans, business development assistance, and merger and acquisition support.

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Industry Commentary and Analysis
Cumulus contributes monthly commentary and analysis on the global relay and switch market to MarketEye. TTI, Inc produces MarketEye and posts the information on their website. MarketEye is a compilation of analyst articles and manufacturer information on electromechanical, passive and interconnect components.

Click Market Eye to access Cumulus articles on relays and switches.

Cumulus is the strategic marketing partner of the Relay and Switch Industry Association (RSIA). This partnership will allow RSIA the ability to provide its members with timely relay market information. It will also facilitate other sales, marketing, and general business services to help members grow and improve their relay business.


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